How To Brush With Electric Toothbrush Safely & Easily

how to brush with electric toothbrush

Do you want to know how to brush with electric toothbrush? Can’t you use electric toothbrush properly? 

But if you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy an electric toothbrush is a proper solution for that. But it’s an irony that many people do not know that how use an electric toothbrush! 

Your teeth can face gum combustion for a build-up of plaque. And it can make a great loss to your gum. So, you have to remove plaques as much as possible and brushing with an electric toothbrush can help you to reduce your teeth plaques.

This article is about how to brush with electric toothbrush to help you to have safe and clean teeth.

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Why Should You Use An Electric ToothBrush:

Both manual and electric toothbrushes are fruitful tools to keep your teeth healthy. But, when you brush with a manual toothbrush you can give 3 hundred strokes per minute on average. At the same time, an electric toothbrush is able of thousands or even tens of thousands of strokes! 

So, you can have some benefits by using an electric toothbrush. They are;

  1. Electric toothbrush needs less struggle to use and assures you that you are cleansing your teeth properly.
  2. Parents know how tough it is to create a habit of toothbrushing of their children. So, children would find it more fun brushing their tooth with an electric toothbrush and it will help them to build a good habit of brushing their tooth.    
  3. You can clean efficiently behind and around the braces and their smaller heads with an electric toothbrush, as it makes easier to reach those places.
  4. If you have a lot of plaque and tartar build-up in your tooth you should move to the electric toothbrushes, as they are more capable of improving your brushing techniques and health.   

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Some Essentials Before Using An Electric Toothbrush:

There are built-in-two-minute timers in most electric toothbrushes. So, those may help you to know you much time you are sparing in brushing teeth.

Some brands have timers that jingle every 30 seconds to remind you to go on to the next portion of your mouth.    

You don’t need to be too hard while using an electric toothbrush. Be gentle while scouring your tooth otherwise you may hurt yourself. Some electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors to let you know if you are pushing too hard.

Use the electric toothbrush depending on the size of your teeth and the brush. You must brush about only one tooth at a single time.

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How To Brush With Electric Toothbrush:

Brushing teeth with an electric toothbrush is quite different from manual brushing system. As this brush head turns or trembles on it’s own you need to follow some rules to have a safe cleaning. Here are the procedures: 

  • You have to make sure that your electric toothbrush is fully charged. Most brushes have charge indicators to let you know if the brush is ready to use. 
  • Before brushing you can rinse your mouth with cold water. It may help you to wag any plaque or food particles which are staying between your teeth. This also helps the brush to reduce these things easily.         
  • Wash your electric toothbrush with a little bit of water before preparing to brush your teeth. Put a small amount of toothpaste on the top of your brush.
  • Power on the electric toothbrush and hold the head of the brush at 45° degree angle to your gum line.
  • Start brushing from the outside surfaces of the teeth and smoothly move the brush from tooth to tooth. Hold the brush in a tooth for a few seconds against every tooth before moving on to the next tooth.  
  • After brushing outer surfaces repeat those processes on your inside surfaces. Brush your chewing surfaces in the same way.  Remember to brush behind your back teeth.
  • Brush your gum lines and gums after cleaning the tooth. This will diminish plaques. But, do not push too hard when brushing the gums, because it can hurt you.    
  • You can use your electric toothbrush head to clean your tongue and upper portion of your mouth. Move the brush slowly over your tongue surface to have a refreshing breath.  

Spit out the remainings of spittle and toothpaste. Wash your mouth with cold water. 

Health Tips:

  • Replace your toothbrush after every 3-4 months. An overused toothbrush can be withered and can not give an effective cleansing.
  • Dental Association approved fluoride toothpaste should be used.
  • Please brush your teeth 2 times a day, it can be in the morning before breakfast and at night before going to bed.
  • Toothbrush can not reach into the gaps between your teeth. In this case flossing may help you to clean plaque and bacteria hiding between your teeth.

Try to be gentle with your tooth while brushing. Because, brushing hardly may cause your enamel vanishing away and will cost you sensitivity. Because, enamel protects your teeth from being sensitive.


Habit of brushing teeth is a part of sound lifestyle. Because, brushing everyday not only keeps your tooth and mouth clean but also helps you to keep your whole body and mind healthy.

Brushing teeth properly reduces the possibility of building up plaques and bacteria which can cause tooth loss and gum diseases.

Electric toothbrush is better than a manual brush, if you know how to use this properly. But, if you do not know how to use it or if your brushing procedures are low, then I hope no toothbrush can help you.

People in general are familiar with manual brushing systems. So, a lot of people do not know how to use an electric toothbrush.

But, don’t worry as I have discussed all the procedures about how to brush with electric toothbrush in this article, you may find it easier to use an electric toothbrush.  

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