The Difference Between Swim Trunks Vs Board Shorts

swim trunks Vs board shorts

Swimmer comes with different style wear with maximum comfort for their comfortable swimming. When you are still confused about which one is better to swim trunks Vs board shorts, this review will surely help you compare both of them. Both appear maybe with the same thing, as they are designed for water.

The debate which one is best for your swimming comes from a long-time. Whatever you may be known that they are different from their qualification, length, and other things. If you think the length is only the factor, indeed, you are wrong. There are lots of factors that work here to find the difference.

Overall, I try my best to provide you all of the information so that you can easily compare both of them and choose for you without hassles. So, without delay, let’s get started the content right now.

What is the difference between them?


First and foremost, the length is the major factor for both swim trunk and board shorts. The main difference you may be noticed that the board shorts are usually longer than swim trunk. Generally, the trunk comes with above from the knee, and most of the board short comes with below down the knee, which is a major difference.

If you are a lover of surfing and still confuse which one is best for your surfing, surely you can go for board shorts without thinking more. The surfing shorts are longer, as it the barrier of materials of your surfboard. On the other hand, the trunk is useable on other factors like taking a sunbath, swimming, and lots.

I think you already understand the major factor. After setting your goal, you need to choose which one is perfect for you swimming trunks or board shorts.

Materials (Fabric)

If you ever shop board shorts, you may notice that the board shorts are softer than swimming trunks. This may be preferable for the people who are prone to skin and always want to enjoy the comfort. On the other hand, the trunks are a little bit crisp, and I recommend using the trunks for more structure feel.

But the board shorts have an issue; they take a much longer time for drying even hot summer day. Most of the board shorts manufacturer used cotton, and this why it becomes delay to dry. Besides, the swimming trunk is made with polyester, which easily dry and does not take much time.

So, you can choose the polyester board shorts, but they do not provide you maximum comfort like cotton. I think this comparison also allows you to choose the right one, which is better for you.


When I research flexibility, I think this section is interesting for you, and you can get a complete idea. However, you already know that board shorts are traditionally longer than trunks. But the board shorts are less flexible than you expect from the trunks.

Swimming trunks are wide and come with above the knee. On the other hand, they are also known for their wider legs. With this, your legs become more freedom, and you can get more flexible. I think now it is easy for you to decide which one is more flexible for you.


For a swimmer, they always need to maintain durability. Which one is durable swimming trunks or shorts board is a common question. Whatever board shorts are more expensive than swimming trunks, and this why they are built with more quality features and provide maximum durability.

It is also important to think about the activities of your daily work. Generally, the board shorts are built-in more heavy-duty work than the swimming trunks. So, if you think you may need to do heavy work, surely you need to go for board shorts.

Sometimes the swimmer falls, a great problem because the fabric is tearing for the slat. So many times, it occurs when they collect the swimming trunks. So, before you purchase anyone, you need to keep in mind the durability of the products.


Style varies from person to person and brand to brand. If you love for a pair of shorts that look great in the out of the water, you can surely suggest them boards short. The board shorts always design with casual wear. In summer day, many people use it for regular wear.

You may also focus that the board’s shorts are design for the most peach of mind. I think the board shorts are more beautiful than swimming trunks. So, without thinking more, you need to choose stylish wear for looking fabulous.


Well, if you think about the color with an awesome mix, surely you can go for swimming trunks. According to my experience, the color of board shorts and swimming trunks are not much different because both are waterproof and long-time support.

So, if you want to differentiate between color combinations of the wear, I recommend going swimming trucks. If you are still confused, then you can choose any of them without thinking more.


Generally, board shorts are more expensive than swimming trunks. This is why the shorts are an excellent choice for the people who want to use one swimming for the next swimming. I think you need not focus on the product price; you need to focus on product quality. You can choose a board short below 100 USD without paying any extra cost.

I hope that you can easily compare both of them. But the board shorts are indeed more expensive than swimming trunks wear.


There are several differences between swim trunks vs board shorts or swimming trunks or shorts. But I only discuss the major difference, which helps you to reduce the confusion. However, if you love surfing and wakeboarding, you can surely go for board shorts, and it is a better option for you. On the other hand, if you want to swim with your pool or take sunbath, you can choose a swimming trunk.

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